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I’m ‘bout to spit a bunch of shit that ain’t so popular

Don’t try to slander me or twist and rearrange my words

I hear so much about these heroes fightin’ overseas

Aren’t all these wars illegal? Of corporate decree?

We ain’t fightin’ for our freedom or to save the world

We’re just making customers out of these boys and girls

Create a marketplace with promises of all you need

Monopolize commodities, communities set up to bleed

Do you notice how the propaganda be runnin’ its course?

Malicious front legitimizing cabbalistic use of force

Don’t try to question the direction that it’s headed to

This mass indoctrination alienates the best of you

Public opinion doesn’t allow for any critical thinkin’

There’s just one flavor of this Kool-Aid that they got you drinkin’

It sets the standard which the talking heads will argue from

but baseless claims create a platform you can’t stand upon

Open your eyes. It’s all just a lie.

Heroes of mine only fight for what is right.

I plan to sit upon a rocking chair in my old age

On a porch with revolutionary figures that defied the state

Of obedience to dominance of military ways

Entire generations taught that it’s acceptable to take

Life or limb from foes or kin

And then rinse. Repeat. Do it over again.


from Songs for Humans, released September 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Doug Hawk Easton, Pennsylvania

His compositions are more positive affirmation than they are songs. This is intelligent, inspiring, grooving music that not only makes you think but groove, as well. Lyrically topical with a positive message. Comparisons to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Steely Dan and Gill Scott-Heron are accurate but in a purely derivative sense. Hawk has emphatically created his own unique sound ... more

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