Eleven Alive

by Doug Hawk

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Recorded live on 11/11/11 at Black & Blue, Easton, PA.
Please play loudly!!
Produced by Doug Hawk
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jim McGee of SpectraSound Recording. Nazareth, PA.
CD art by Matt Nixon. Layout by Leo Vasquez.


released January 16, 2012

Doug Hawk - vox.keys
Mike Lorenz - guitar
Lee Clarke - bass
Paul Wells - drums



all rights reserved


Doug Hawk Easton, Pennsylvania

His compositions are more positive affirmation than they are songs. This is intelligent, inspiring, grooving music that not only makes you think but groove, as well. Lyrically topical with a positive message. Comparisons to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Steely Dan and Gill Scott-Heron are accurate but in a purely derivative sense. Hawk has emphatically created his own unique sound ... more

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Track Name: Calorie Bomb
It ain't rational what we do. It doesn't make much sense.

People eating poison being plied as food.

It's a capital offense.

It's all because we eat wrong feast while families starve.

Eat because a sad song made us feel depression

Look at how it's all made. Try to appreciate

how we are with everything. Nothing can make you separate.

See how this system propagates the symptoms.

Takes your hand puts your finger on the trigger of a calorie bomb.

The rules being written underscore the truth.

Corruptive greed so evident

Notice how the more they try to take control

That they actually get less

Try to stop this slave trade started by conglomerates

who blindly made one farm from all this was built upon

Saving woman, child, man giving everyone a chance

For a noble life lived getting better than the give

Won't you wake us all up from this slumber?

Predicated by another. Medicated getting dumber

from your calorie bomb.

There's no reason for someone to die

To lack then not survive. Die right before our eyes.

Everything we need to be complete, thriving human beings

Is right under our feet.

Believing what an ad says? Profit-driven nonsense.

They prey upon your sadness turn it into madness

All you pretty people who could be so hopeful

You keep on eating it exhibiting no discipline

See how your pride dies with every bloated mouthful

Wobble on by as you obliterate your system with a calorie bomb.
Track Name: Teach Me
It's been a while since you went away.

There's a big, empty space where you left our race.

It would help if I could see your face

to know that somewhere there's somebody to teach me.

Can you tell me why we worship the warriors

and end up shooting the lovers?

I think it's better that we saw individuals as a part of each other.

Brother killing brother and mother and other

Sister and a daughter it's an endless slaughter

We're only doing what we're taught

I'm begging on my knees.

I'm begging you to teach me, please.

I'm sick and tired of being alive in a day

where anger is all the rage.

Can somebody help me turn the page

read something else for a change?

Being scientific taught us to hate

to discriminate, vacate faith.

Well that lying learned us how to behave

to believe everything indiscriminately.
Track Name: Poison In My Well
There’s poison in my well

They said it’s not enough to kill

But they’re saying it in such a way

It makes me think I better move today

It was the rich guy on the hill

An unnecessary spill

An act sadly preventable

Yet no remorse was shown at all

So I went to ask him why

Stared into his vacant eyes

Asked why he couldn’t empathize

He said it wasn’t in his bloodline

I took one look at this crook

standing there in the door

His empty treasures piled high on the floor

I knew he’d never let me in

So I told him that I loved him

Because that’s the only way to

make a man realize

his egoist ways have nearly brought

the whole world to its knees

this is our world

you can love it or you can leave.
Track Name: Heroes?
I’m ‘bout to spit a bunch of shit that ain’t so popular

Don’t try to slander me or twist and rearrange my words

I hear so much about these heroes fightin’ overseas

Aren’t all these wars illegal? Of corporate decree?

Now we ain’t fightin’ for our freedom or to save the world

We’re just making customers out of these boys and girls

Create a marketplace with promises of all you need

Monopolize commodities, communities set up to bleed

Do you notice how the propaganda be runnin’ its course?

Malicious front legitimizing cabbalistic use of force

Don’t try to question the direction that it’s headed to

This mass indoctrination alienates the best of you

Public opinion doesn’t allow for any critical thinkin’

There’s just one flavor of the Kool-Aid that they got you drinkin’

It sets the standard which the talking heads will argue from

but baseless claims create a platform you can’t stand upon

Open your eyes. It’s all just a lie.

Heroes of mine only fight for what is right.

I plan to sit upon a rocking chair in my old age

On a porch with revolutionary figures that defied the state

Of obedience to dominance of military ways

Entire generations taught that it’s acceptable to take

Life or limb from foes or kin

And then rinse. Repeat. Do it over again.
Track Name: Caught In A Quiet Room (Alive)
I'm caught in a quiet room

with no one to listen to me

it's not the way I choose to be.

An empty seat next to me

the seed of my destiny

keeping the best of me from you

Life is such misery. Life just won't set me free.

How can one love at all when all that they've loved is gone?

Take what she's given you

and keep it right next to you

let all your words be true, indeed.

For tomorrow may never come

where nothing can be undone

where I am the only one in need.

It's the best and the worst of things

that the twist of this tragedy

is how something so sad can lead to so much growth.

A basic dichotomy just like the front and the back of me

all alone with a memory of me and you.

Life is a mystery. Life's more than history.

Where it has been is gone. The best thing is to move on.

Live on.
Track Name: Words
Words shouldn't make you do nothing unless it's what you wanted

Words can't lead nobody if they doesn't want to be led

Words are merely suggestions. Uniquely human inventions

Utilized to cloud intent. To blur what a deed means to do

To pull the wool over you

Read between the lines. That's where truth resides.

(You'll find it there every time)

Gotta look into their eyes. Their mouths are full of lies

A double-speaking enterprise

Words are just a grouping of symbols

Congregate to give you an earful

Repeated to impress upon the people that their living is dead.

Words are less better than actions

Turn family to opposite factions

The difference lies with intent

So mean what you say what you mean what you do

Stand up to what they're trying to do

For words can also be divine

Amplify the joy and holiness of humankind

It's all how we decide to accept the positive vibe

From every possible side
Track Name: Whatever Happened To Kings?
Whatever happened to kings?

The bloodline never dies.

It's still the same old thing

wearing a different disguise.

They still be keeping you down

run you into the ground

They hypnotize -- rule your world with lies

Kings used to wear a crown

lived in a castle on high

But now they're dressing down

slither into suits and their ties

They still be keeping you down

run you into the ground

Monopolize. Make your world their prize.

Well it's about time you paid more mind

to noticing the signs that honor YOUR majesty

'Cause that's the one thing

The way to slay a king? Never let 'em in.

Their purpose is to put you away -- and keep you that way
Track Name: NASA
Take this place - look at what it used to be

So disgraced - a populated apathy

There's no wrong 'cause nobody ever does it right

Endless days eventually destroy the night. It comes back to bite.

Take a little look at your patriotic lean

Politely grease the guts of a killing machine

You wonder why everybody hates our breed

I know it ain't because somebody tells you you are free

That's not how it be

If we keep fighting foreign wars, mounting death on foreign shores

There'll be nothing at the end that is worth fighting for

Remember when we did things good?

Remember when we used to do things good?

Remember when we just did good?

If we keep fighting foreign wars, mounting debt on foreign shores

There'll be nothing at the end that is worth fighting for

Remember when we did things good?

Remember when we used to do things good?

Remember when we just did good?
Track Name: I Come From Nowhere
I come from nowhere and

nothing is what I'm made of

I'm just trapped here in

my soul's chosen home

Let's make this one thing clear

I'd rather be none or no one

Just an idea - part of one collective whole

So when I know it's time to go

when I feel it's time to leave

I have no fear .

There's something more.

Eyes unclosed.

Dispatch with anything that tells you how to live

base your ideals on unrelenting 'truths'

Your faith is so severe

but there's nothing that's as sacred as having no fear

of being all alone

So when you know it's time to go

when you feel it's time to leave

have no fear there's something more --

eyes unclosed.

Say something that's not what you've been told.

Take hold of that which you are owed.

Lead a life that's guided by your soul.