Songs for Humans

by Doug Hawk

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released September 7, 2016

Aurelien Budynek - guitar
Brian Davis - guitar (Whatever Happened to Kings?)
Tim Esterly - bass (except Heroes? & Gov't Cheez)
Tyrone Fredericks, Jr. - sax & EWI (Heroes?)
Mike Lorenz - guitar - (The Truth is Just a Lie)
Josh Orlando - drums (except Heroes?)
Kathleen Weber - backing vocals (Gov't Cheez)
Doug Hawk - everything else

Written and produced by Doug Hawk
Mastering and additional mix wisdom by Jim McGee at Spectrasound Recording, LLC
Cover art by Matt Nixon
Layout by Leopold Vazquez
Recorded using Ableton Live

Bird Street Productions ©2016
Easton, PA
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Doug Hawk Easton, Pennsylvania

His compositions are more positive affirmation than they are songs. This is intelligent, inspiring, grooving music that not only makes you think but groove, as well. Lyrically topical with a positive message. Comparisons to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Steely Dan and Gill Scott-Heron are accurate but in a purely derivative sense. Hawk has emphatically created his own unique sound ... more

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Track Name: Teach Me
It's been a while since you went away.

There's a big, empty space where you left our race.

It would help if I could see your face

to know that somewhere there's somebody to teach me.

Can you tell me why we worship the warriors

and end up shooting the lovers?

I think it's better that we saw individuals as a part of each other.

Brother killing brother and mother and other

Sister and a daughter it's an endless slaughter

We're only doing what we're taught

I'm begging on my knees.

I'm begging you to teach me, please.

I'm sick and tired of being alive in a day

where anger is all the rage.

Can somebody help me turn the page

read something else for a change?

Being scientific taught us to hate

to discriminate, vacate faith.

Well that lying learned us how to behave

to believe everything indiscriminately.
Track Name: The Truth is Just a Lie
Why do the wicked seem
To have control of every innocent dream?
The nightmare of their minds
infects our eternal Divine.
If nothing they say is true,
why do we let them do the things that they do?
We’re living in the world that only they want.

If you’ve ever lived life from the heart
Then you know that it’s a great place to start
To eradicate injustice, bring peace upon us.
Dig down into the depths of your soul
Embracing everything that’s making us whole
Discard the rest know that you’re blessed.

If there was ever such a thing as a good intention
We needn’t keep clawing at this fake façade
Reality ‘til now has been an elite invention
We need to keep reminding them they’re not our gods.
No, and they’ll never be.

The truth is just a lie
That they indoctrinate into you and I.
You only get to see the phony things that they allow you to see.
It’s time for the meek to rise and
Make reality the speak of our time.
Take it back the world we lack.
Track Name: Heroes?
I’m ‘bout to spit a bunch of shit that ain’t so popular

Don’t try to slander me or twist and rearrange my words

I hear so much about these heroes fightin’ overseas

Aren’t all these wars illegal? Of corporate decree?

We ain’t fightin’ for our freedom or to save the world

We’re just making customers out of these boys and girls

Create a marketplace with promises of all you need

Monopolize commodities, communities set up to bleed

Do you notice how the propaganda be runnin’ its course?

Malicious front legitimizing cabbalistic use of force

Don’t try to question the direction that it’s headed to

This mass indoctrination alienates the best of you

Public opinion doesn’t allow for any critical thinkin’

There’s just one flavor of this Kool-Aid that they got you drinkin’

It sets the standard which the talking heads will argue from

but baseless claims create a platform you can’t stand upon

Open your eyes. It’s all just a lie.

Heroes of mine only fight for what is right.

I plan to sit upon a rocking chair in my old age

On a porch with revolutionary figures that defied the state

Of obedience to dominance of military ways

Entire generations taught that it’s acceptable to take

Life or limb from foes or kin

And then rinse. Repeat. Do it over again.
Track Name: Fortunata
It’s a long road
You chain your slave to the grind
Push everything aside, a waste of your time
And then you’re all alone
In a shuttered room you try to forget
That you ain’t done nothing
And your chances have all been spent

Can I be your baby can you be my lady
Please don’t tell me maybe
Save me from this bottomless hole
Try to capture all the beauty
Bring the bounty, too.
I truly want it all allow me just a minute or two
To be blessed by you

Let me explain myself
Won’t sell my soul for a dime
Just wanted to see what it was like on the other side
To live in luxury
Absolutely worry-free
Feasting on the fruits of my prosperity

I try to find what’s hiding deep inside this life
That I’ve been riding like a wave
That’s saving all my grace
And making my day to day
Because there will never be another love
That fills me up
It’s like a drug that never lets me down
But time to time I need to find a reason for this sound
When I’m down
Track Name: Poison in my Well
There’s poison in my well

They said it’s not enough to kill

But they’re saying it in such a way

It makes me think I better move today

It was the rich guy on the hill

An unnecessary spill

An act sadly preventable

Yet no remorse was shown at all

So I went to ask him why

Stared into his vacant eyes

Asked why he couldn’t empathize

He said it wasn’t in his bloodline

I took one look at this crook

standing there in the door

His empty treasures piled high on the floor

I knew he’d never let me in

So I told him that I loved him

Because that’s the only way to make a man realize

his egoist ways have nearly brought

the whole world to its knees

this is our world. you can love it or you can leave.
Track Name: In The Dark
In the dark, torn apart
By the wave of a spark
Shine a light upon a heart
Beating in the dark

Feel the burn from the flame
Try to learn from the pain
Cauterize your mistakes
Masquerading in the dark

There’s a time to forgive
Some would rather die
Than to live
Deny the only way
Crawl into another grave
Now you’re dying in the dark

In the dark, torn apart
By the wave of a spark
Shine a light upon a heart
Illuminate the dark
Track Name: Whatever Happened to Kings?
Whatever happened to kings?

The bloodline never dies.

It's still the same old thing

Just wearing a different disguise.

They still be keeping you down

run you into the ground

They hypnotize -- rule your world with lies

Kings used to wear a crown

lived in a castle on high

But now they're dressing down

slither into suits and their ties

The song remains the same

They just keep changing the name

Monopolize. Make your world their prize.

Well it's about time you paid more mind

to noticing the signs that honor only YOUR majesty

'Cause that's the one thing

The way to slay a king. Never let 'em in.

Their purpose is to put you away -- and keep you that way
Track Name: Gov't Cheez
You’ve heard of false flags, conspiracy?
Don’t believe the hype it’s your history
‘Cause the truth is obvious
when you realize the goal is to control us
There’s nothing less genuine
than people who control you with a credit line
Don’t take the bait. Don’t sit and wait.
Bite the hand that feeds you before it’s too late.

Got you beggin’ on your knees
For just a little bit of that Gov’t Cheez

Let me tell you what I’m talking about
I got bills due. no food.
Nowhere to work ‘cause making ain’t what we do
Outsourced, paid short
while they takin’ what they want through brute force
Through wars that won’t end
Fighting enemies that started out as friends and then
Demonized. Capitalized. Suckled on the teet
And then pulverized.
I got roads wit(h) holes in it
While they be buying drones to explode shit
As the schools close. The herd lows
And does exactly what it’s told.

Motherf$#ker I’m a grown man.
I’m capable of taking care of anything that’s possible
I don’t need no handouts
Or laws that tell me how to get the most out of
My own life.
You don’t own the rights.
Freedom is free it is a birthright
Of everyone and not just some
Who regulate to benefit their lonesome.