Gov't Cheez

from by Doug Hawk

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You’ve heard of false flags, conspiracy?
Don’t believe the hype it’s your history
‘Cause the truth is obvious
when you realize the goal is to control us
There’s nothing less genuine
than people who control you with a credit line
Don’t take the bait. Don’t sit and wait.
Bite the hand that feeds you before it’s too late.

Got you beggin’ on your knees
For just a little bit of that Gov’t Cheez

Let me tell you what I’m talking about
I got bills due. no food.
Nowhere to work ‘cause making ain’t what we do
Outsourced, paid short
while they takin’ what they want through brute force
Through wars that won’t end
Fighting enemies that started out as friends and then
Demonized. Capitalized. Suckled on the teet
And then pulverized.
I got roads wit(h) holes in it
While they be buying drones to explode shit
As the schools close. The herd lows
And does exactly what it’s told.

Motherf$#ker I’m a grown man.
I’m capable of taking care of anything that’s possible
I don’t need no handouts
Or laws that tell me how to get the most out of
My own life.
You don’t own the rights.
Freedom is free it is a birthright
Of everyone and not just some
Who regulate to benefit their lonesome.


from Songs for Humans, released September 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Doug Hawk Easton, Pennsylvania

His compositions are more positive affirmation than they are songs. This is intelligent, inspiring, grooving music that not only makes you think but groove, as well. Lyrically topical with a positive message. Comparisons to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Steely Dan and Gill Scott-Heron are accurate but in a purely derivative sense. Hawk has emphatically created his own unique sound ... more

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